Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt’s GPS series glycol parallel rack systems use a highly efficient refrigeration system to chill a glycol loop which is, in turn, used to cool various pieces of refrigeration equipment in a foodservice kitchen or retail environment.

The GPS series system cools a brazed-plate heat exchanger which removes the heat from the glycol loop. The glycol is then circulated by a highly efficient variable speed pump to the kitchen fixtures.

The most unique feature of the Master-Bilt glycol system is that it utilizes floating heat pressure technology to lower the energy consumption of the refrigeration system by as much as 25%. The system also uses full digital controls vs. mechanical controls in competitive equipment. These state-of-the-art digital controls provide greater precision, diagnostics, data logging and monitoring capability.

Along with energy savings, the biggest benefit of the glycol system is a reduced refrigerant charge which is completely contained within the wall of the parallel rack system. Only the chilled glycol is distributed to the kitchen. Less refrigerant and piping mean less chance of refrigerant leaks. 

Glycol Loop Process


Master-Bilt GPS series parallel rack systems circulate glycol through a loop, typically copper or ABS piping, to refrigeration equipment such as merchandisers, reach-ins and walk-ins. Return lines carry heated glycol from each piece of equipment back to the rack system for re-cooling.

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