Refrigeration Systems

DRS Series Dual Compressor Systems

DRS dual compressor system

For combination cooler/freezer walk-Ins, DRS systems provide a hermetic compressor for the cooler (1/2 to 2 HP) along with a Scroll compressor for the freezer compartment (2 HP to 5 HP). Generously-sized condenser coils coupled with the optional Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost (MCRCD) system make this one of the most energy efficient refrigeration systems in the industry. Available in 208-230/60/3 V.


MRS Series Multi-Compressor Systems

MRS Modular Rack System

Perfect for those end users looking to take advantage of energy savings as well as installation savings. Available in roof mount or ground-based frames, these systems also come in either vertical or horizontal air discharge configuration. As with all Master-Bilt® refrigeration systems, the MRS condensers (water and air cooled) are generously-sized for maximum energy efficiency. MRS systems also accommodate the optional MCRCD system when used with walk-in coolers or freezers. Available in 208-230-460/60/3 V.


PS Series Parallel Rack Systems

PS Series Parallel Rack System

For those who want to maximize energy savings and have full control of an entire refrigeration network within a facility, PS systems are the right choice. A variety of electronic controllers allow you to access functions remotely and integrate into existing networks. PS systems are available in many configurations such as horizontal or vertically discharged air, water or air cooled, indoor with remote condenser, or with condensers and compressors on a common frame. Systems may also be located on the ground or roof. Available in 208-230-460/60/3 V. Digital capacity control also available.


GPS Series Glycol Parallel Rack Systems

GPS Glycol Parallel Rack System

Looking to lower global warming potential for your refrigeration system? The GPS system greatly reduces the refrigerant charge via the secondary, non-toxic glycol medium. Coupled with electronic controls, energy consumption is reduced by 15-20% by comparison to mechanically controlled systems. Just like PS systems, GPS models offer a diverse array of configurations. Available in 208-230-460/60/3 V. Digital capacity control also available. 



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