Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

10-Bilt® walk ins offer fast delivery with an expanded range of standard sizes and optional accessories. These walk in coolers, freezers and combination cooler-freezers ship within 10 business days after order receipt.

Standard Features

  • 4" thick panels
  • Coolers, freezers and combo units available
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
  • Single compartment walk-in widths range from 5'10" to 13'6" (widths of 11'7" and 13'6"recommended for indoor installations only, consult factory for more information)
  • Unlimited lengths on single compartments
  • Single compartments available in heights of 7'2", 7'6", 8'2" and 8'6"
  • Single compartments available with floor on freezer models, floorless on coolers
  • Combo units range in widths from 7'9" to 9'8" and in heights of 7'6 and 8'6". Length is unlimited when using remote refrigeration systems (maximum single compartment length for PRS-2 applications is 13'6")
  • Odd foot nominal increments
  • Combo units available in with-floor freezer/less-floor cooler and with-floor freezer/with-floor cooler
  • Choice of 26", 30" or 36" wide door
  • The wall and roof finish is 26 gauge acrylic coated stucco galvanized steel
  • .080 diamond tread aluminum floor finish, where required
  • Refrigeration is available in either pre-assembled remote M-Series systems or PRS-2 series systems with standard-duty and heavy-duty options
  • Outdoor models contain a weather hood for the roof-mounted refrigeration system, membrane covering for the walk-in roof and rain canopy for the entry door


  • Door & frame kick-plates (factory-mounted)
  • 4 foot LED light fixtures (shipped loose)
  • Vinyl strip curtains for entry doors (shipped loose)
  • Exterior floor ramps
  • Interior floor ramps (Centered in the width, or “short” dimension for even nominal sized single compartment and with-floor combos. Offset on odd-sized models.Centered in the partition for with-floor/less-floor combos.)
  • 14" x 14" view windows for coolers and freezers (freezer windows are heated)
  • MBWA-1 light management and alarm system
  • LED Light Fixture (in lieu of CFL fixture)
  • Third hinge
  • Tamper-resistant screws for door hardware
  • Heated and insulated receivers on remote refrigeration units
  • Pre-assembled kit for remote refrigeration systems on qualifying models (expansion valve and properly-sized orifice factory pre-mounted)
  • Factory-installed liquid line solenoid/temp control kit for remote refrigeration systems on qualifying models (pre-assembled kit required)
  • Standard trim and closure panels
  • Two-piece locking bar (shipped loose)
  • U-channel floor screed on less-floor models (shipped loose)


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