Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

Ready-Bilt walk in coolers and freezers are completely pre-assembled at the factory and ready to set in place at the job site. Structures arrive at the site typically on a gooseneck truck and, depending on size and customer preference, are lifted into place by crane, boom-lift or forklift. No field installation is necessary.

The refrigeration system(s) is already installed and the entire walk in is fully tested before shipping. All you have to do is provide electricity for the single source hook-up (one per refrigeration system). Each Ready-Bilt walk in is UL-listed as an entire package, not just for individual components, facilitating electrical inspections.


Ready-Bilt Lifted Off Trailer

Standard Features

  • Single or double compartment models available
  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths
  • Four-inch thick foamed-in-place polyurethane panels with cam-locking mechanisms
  • Interior and exterior panel finish of 26 gauge acrylic-coated stucco galvanized steel
  • ColdSeal Max® door with welded, structural anodized aluminum frame, heavy-duty wide strap hinges and heavy-duty door closer
  • Choice of 26" x 78", 30" x 78" or 36" x 78" door sizes
  • Heavy-duty door closure
  • Digital thermometer
  • Door drip guard
  • NSF-listed .080 diamond aluminum floor for added slip-and-fall protection.
  • Bands of aluminum treadplate for finishing trim around top and bottom of walk-in
  • Weather-proof membrane roof to keep rain from collecting against the adjacent building
  • Pre-installed refrigeration system(s) using either a remote M-Series condensing unit or a PRS-2 series system depending on application
  • Durable hard copper soldered piping on M-Series refrigeration systems
  • LED lighting
  • A warranty that covers parts and labor for one year, the compressor for one year (optional extended four year warranty available) and walk-in panels for 15 years 


  • Door kickplates
  • Interior and exterior ramps
  • Interior and exterior finish options include all those found in our custom Bilt2Spec™ walk-ins
  • Ceiling mounted LED lighting
  • MBWA-1 digital alarm and light management system
  • Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system 


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