Endless Glass Door Merchandisers

Master-Bilt designed BEM/BEL Endless series display coolers and freezers to help retail operators increase sales and efficiency.

Displaying more products is vital to increased sales. That’s why BEM/BEL display coolers and freezers are designed with an exclusively larger cubic foot pack-out area for additional facings. Shelving is 23″D (the deepest available) which means each model holds more products and saves re-stocking time.

Optimum product visibility is important in boosting profits. Therefore, 100% of pack-out space falls within the visible merchandising area. With the combination of largest glass door height and tallest interior case, BEM/BEL models provide 200+ square inches more viewing area per door compared to glass door sizes in similar glass door display cases.

Operators must make the best use of limited sales space, making energy efficiency essential. BEM/BEL models have optimized front air curtains preventing warm, moist air from entering the case during door openings. Keeping warm air out means the refrigeration system doesn’t work as hard to keep products cold. Also, consistent temperatures help avoid product shrink. For added efficiency, Design Lighting Consortium listed LED lights produce more lumens per watt.

Endless Display Cases With Remote Refrigeration

BEM/BEL model Endless cases with remote systems reduce heat and noise on the sales floor and are usually preferred in areas where roof installation is no problem.

Endless Display Cases With Semi-Self-Contained Refrigeration

BEM/BEL-SC series Endless display cases offer a semi-self-contained refrigeration system for quick and easy installation in areas where space is limited and roof access isn't practical.