Dipping-Display Cabinets

DD series dipping/display merchandisers merge ice cream display and storage into one cabinet. A variety of styles is available including standard top, low front glass and low curved front glass.

Built for product visibility, each model features a full glass top with unobtrusive aluminum framing as well as standard LED lighting. The rear edge of the cabinet is curved for operator comfort and the back wall is lowered making it easier to bend and reach containers inside. Each model also features 2-1/2” thick polyurethane foamed-in-place walls for maximum insulation and performance.

Standard Features

  • Eco-friendly R290 refrigerant
  • Independent on/off light switch to save energy when not in use
  • Electronic controller system that decreases service call time and saves energy by maintaining consistent product temperature
  • Drain with garden hose connector for ease of cleaning
  • Heavy-duty epoxy-coated wire can support racks
  • Cold wall evaporator provides even temperature throughout with no air blowing across ice cream which can lower product quality
  • Side compartment grille in addition to back access improves refrigeration system performance and accessibility during routine servicing